I help tech marketers develop strategies and content that


their prospects to take action

Need to grab the attention of crazy-busy tech buyers?

I help tech marketing leaders drive momentum by creating powerful strategies and content that get your prospects to take the next step in the sales cycle. As a result, you’ll generate more leads, increase conversion rates, and close more deals.

Happy Tech Clients

“I highly recommend Kim.”

“I’ve worked with Kim for over eight years, and have always ‘brought her along’ when I’ve moved to new companies. I value her ability to quickly pick up new technology and create content that satisfies my marketing goals. She’s my best writer, and I highly recommend her.”

Michelle Burrows
Chief Marketing Officer, Splashtop

“It’s a no-brainer to hire Kim.”

“I appreciate Kim’s insights on content strategy. She’s worked with a lot of tech companies so she’s seen a wide variety of approaches, including what works and what doesn’t. I trust her recommendations, and it’s a no-brainer to hire her, because she makes my job easier.”

Marina Antestenis
Vice President, Demand Generation, Splashtop

Why work with me?

Unlike most writers, I have deep tech industry experience. Much of my corporate career was spent in product marketing creating messaging and executing go-to-market plans for million-dollar product lines. Over the past 12 years, I’ve parlayed that experience into working with dozens of tech companies to help them solve their biggest content marketing challenges.

This gives me a unique perspective and enables me to bring much more to the table than just good writing:

  • I create marketing strategies and content that drive your prospects to take action.
  • I see the bigger business picture that you’re trying to achieve.
  • I ask the right questions and take the time to understand your market inside and out.
  • I use my experience to collaboratively brainstorm ideas with you.
  • I know what does and doesn’t work from consulting with dozens of tech companies.
  • I’ll give you honest feedback if I think an idea can use improvement.
“Instrumental in creating high-value content…”

“Kim has a knack for taking seemingly disparate ideas and synthesizing them into a coherent, compelling story. She was instrumental in helping my previous employer transform its product-heavy promotional pieces into high-value, thought leadership-focused content. They were the driving force behind many campaigns and helped us generate more demand from higher-quality leads.”

Francie Dudrey
Director of Content Marketing, Nuspire

"Great background in cybersecurity..."

“Kim has a great background in cybersecurity content strategy and development.”

Carrie Kelly
Chief Marketing Officer, Critical Start

How I can help you.

I work with technology companies of all sizes to create powerful content that gets results. My services include:

  • Content strategy: Take the pressure off yourself and work with someone who really understands content strategy for the tech industry. Learn more
  • Copywriting: Get powerful content that makes your prospects take action. Learn more
  • Original research: Get interesting, newsworthy content that your prospects actually want to read. Learn more

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