Content Marketing and Original Research for Technology Companies

Get engaging content that makes tech buyers say,

‘Cool. Tell me more.’

“Kim gets results with original research”

Over the past decade, Kim has been my go-to-content writer for anything technology-related regardless of organization.  I recently used her expertise to head up a successful original research project and to write three market-specific eBooks from the research data to help kickoff a new demand generation program to drive qualified leads into the top of the funnel for our enterprise team.  Call her for your next project – she gets results.

Marina Antestenis

Director, Marketing, Comcast Business, Mountain West Region

"Kim is a very versatile writer"

Kim is an awesome writer. We've had a lot of fun working together on different projects. She's very versatile: she can write factual content, and she's great at writing really fun content, too. I love that she can do it all.

Jennifer Waite

Vice President, Product Marketing, Playvox

“Instrumental in creating high-value content”

Kim has a knack for taking seemingly disparate ideas and synthesizing them into a coherent, compelling story. Kim has been instrumental in helping Procare transform its content from product-heavy, promotional pieces to high-value, thought leadership-focused content. These pieces have been the driving force behind many of our campaigns and have helped us generate more demand from higher-quality leads.

Francie Dudrey

Director of Content, Events, and Brand, Procare Solutions


Copywriting and Content Marketing Strategy

Copywriting and Content Marketing Strategy

Need copy that really speaks to tech buyers? I’ll help you stand out  ̶  even in a crowded market.

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Original Research

Say goodbye to “me-too” content. Get original, news-worthy content that tells data-driven stories.

Technology buyers are inundated with promotional messages from companies like yours. It’s fair to say they’re a bit jaded from it all.  

How can you stand out in a crowded market and grab your busy prospects’ attention? 

You need a content marketer who truly understands the technology industry—including demanding sales teams, hard-to-reach buyers, and the insanely fast pace of tech marketing.  

That’s exactly what I offer: I’m a content marketer and original researcher who speaks tech.  I’m a technology industry veteran, and I write persuasive, compelling content that helps you break through the noise to connect with your buyers.  

Curious? Learn more about my copywriting and original research services.

Already have a project in mind? Contact me to discuss.

How to Drive Thought Leadership with B2B Tech Buyers Using Original Research

Problem Solved: How to Fill Your 2021 Content Calendar with Original Research

Are you struggling to grab your prospects’ attention?

Do you need quality content to build your brand?

If so, then you need Original Research to fuel your content pipeline and get noticed.

Benefits of original research: 

  • Unique results
  • High ROI
  • Engaging content

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