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88% of B2B decision makers say an organization's thought leadership is important.

Source: Edelman research

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Why Me?

Not every content marketer or copywriter can get up to speed on new technologies quicklyOr  understands exactly which key messages need to be communicated to your buyers.  Here’s why I’m different from other writers: 

I’m a technology industry veteran.

I’ve been writing for tech for more than 10 years. And before I started my business, I spent my entire career in the technology industry working in various roles such as product management, product marketing, and corporate marketing. I “get” technology on a level that most content marketers and copywriters don’t. Not only do I like learning new technology, I pick it up fast. 

I understand how to market to tech buyers.

I understand the quirky nuances of marketing to technology buyers and can write copy that persuades them to take the next step in the buying process. I’m well-versed in translating “tech speak” into compelling content for different audiences. 

I feel your pain when it comes to finding the right copywriter.  

The marketing directors who hire me say I add value to their teams that goes far beyond just writing. Since I’ve been in their shoes as a technology marketer (I hired copywriters during my corporate days), I understand quick turnarounds, demanding sales teams, and the industry’s fast pace. 

I want to deeply understand your buyers 

I set up a one-hour kickoff call with all my new clients for an in-depth discussion of their market, clients, solutions, challenges, and more. As a former product marketer who created messaging for million-dollar product lines, this information is a critical foundation for everything I’ll create for you.  

Are you ready to work with a content marketer and copywriter who really “gets” technology? Contact me to start the conversation.

Kim Gusta Technical Copywriter



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