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88% of B2B decision makers say an organization's thought leadership is important.

Source: Edelman research

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 “A great resource to maximize your content strategy”

“Kim is a great resource for any organization looking to maximize their content strategy to support demand marketing efforts. Prior to starting any project, Kim works to clearly define requirements, success measures, timelines, and budget. She understands the importance of quality content and its ability to drive measurable results for the business. I would recommend Kim in a heartbeat.” 

Marina AntestenisVice President, Global Demand Generation, Splashtop

“Highly Effective Communicator”

“Kim is not only a fantastic writer, she adds enormous value to any project we give her.” 
Karissa Bailey, Veritas

“Outstanding Results”

“Kim didn’t just meet the results we wanted. She totally knocked it out of the park. “ 
Michelle Burrows, Chief Marketing OfficerSerenova 

“Understands the Bigger Picture”

“Kim’s grasp of technology makes her unique among marketing professionals. She understands the bigger picture and is especially adept at communicating products’ value.” 

Michael Grueber, Senior Product Manager, Symantec 

“Kim is a consummate professional”

“Kim is a great business partner. She listens intently and she works hard to understand the business. In the end, the work she submits sounds like what you might have thought but it sounds a heck of a lot better! She is a consummate professional that quotes accurately, plays well with others, and gets the work done in the timeline she commits.” 
Madelyn Gengelbach, Principal, Market Tuning Group 

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