It’s an interesting wrinkle to the selling process –  your prospects’ software developers will start taking a key role in the buying process says “Vendors Must Cater to Developers or Die” on UBM Tech.

The general premise is that since software is moving to the cloud and expensive hardware is going the way of the dinosaur that procurement processes can, and should, be simplified.  The truth is that “centralized, cumbersome procurement processes for technologies are now as inexpensive as a carton of pencils – or that have a such huge ROIs they might as well be.”

I can see developers playing a central role in the sales process for products that require integration, such as using an APIs,  but I’m not so sure they’ll be involved if a product is a straight-forward application that’s entirely hosted on the vendor’s cloud platform and doesn’t require any technical maintenance or integration.

Still, as the article says, if developers will be involved in the sales process, it’s worth knowing that they tend to absorb information differently from the typical buyer.  They’re techies, of course, so they like technical information. If you have an API, provide the documentation for it. Make it easy for them to submit questions online – calling a representative of your company isn’t likely something they’ll want to do.

Do you think software developers will play an increasingly larger role in the sales process? Please share your thoughts below.