Stand out with original research and become a thought leader in crowded markets.

Original Research

There’s so much content out there, it’s quickly becoming a commodity. Consequently, here’s the issue my clients often face: Is there any type of content that will propel them above the noise and grab their buyers’ attention? 

Original research is the answer.

It’s one of the best ways to stand out in a competitive space, engage buyers, and establish yourself as a thought leader. It ensures you’re the primary source of fresh, newsworthy, unique content. 

I’ve run original research projects for Comcast Business, Playvox, and Velocity Global. My clients value my expertise, because as a content marketer, I understand how to use content to create compelling stories. I’ll use that experience throughout your project to design a research study that elicits strong storylines so you’ll have a research report that intrigues prospects and makes them want to read it. 

“Call Kim for your next project.”

“When I was at Comcast Business, I used Kim’s expertise to head up a successful original research project and to write three market-specific research reports to kick off a new demand-generation program to drive qualified leads into the top of the funnel for our enterprise team. Call her for your next project – she gets results.”

Marina Antestenis
Vice President, Global Demand Generation, Splashtop

Read the Comcast Business case study.

“Very pleased…”

“Our company publishes a key strategic report annually. Kim helped us with all aspects of the report, including writing the survey, working with the panel company, cleaning and analyzing the data, and writing the resulting research eBook. We were very pleased with the written report, the survey, and the project management Kim provided throughout the project.”

Dan Kasper
Director of Brand Experience, Velocity Global

What is original research, and how can it benefit you?

Original research is different from traditional market research, which is often utilized for internal decision-making purposes such as pricing changes or new product introductions. Original research is used specifically to create marketing assets built around storylines that emerge from the research.

The results are captured in a report or eBook that has many purposes. You can use it in marketing campaigns, your sales team can send it to prospects, and your PR team can use it to generate press mentions, to name a few.

These reports have a long shelf life. They’re easy to repurpose into multiple assets such as webinars, eBooks, infographics, blog posts, bylined articles, and more.

Does it really work?

According to a study by BuzzSumo and Mantis Research, it works very well. Sixty-one percent of marketers who have used original research said it met or exceeded the majority of their expectations, and only 4% were disappointed.

My original research process

Here are the high-level steps in my original research process:

  1. Planning: I’ll work with your team to facilitate brainstorming sessions and develop a list of potential research topics.
  2. Creating the survey: Next, I’ll create survey questions that we’ll review together.
  3. Programming: Once the survey questions are approved, my team will program the survey.
  4. Testing: When the programming is complete, we’ll test it with both internal and external respondents for feedback.
  5. Cleaning and analyzing the data: As responses come in, we’ll clean the data to ensure it meets our high standards. After the survey closes, we’ll analyze the results and look for compelling storylines.
  6. Presenting the results and writing the report: I’ll present the results to your team and write the companion research report.
  7. Creating additional content: Optionally, I can also create additional content using your research results, such as eBooks, infographics, articles, and more. This helps you squeeze out as much value as possible from your original research.

Qualitative research interviews

If you need more in-depth information from respondents, such as their thoughts on a particular subject or best practice recommendations, I recommend phone-based qualitative interviews. They can be done in conjunction with quantitative research or separately.

“A great partner…”

“Kim’s combined expertise in both tech and original research makes her a great partner for those who want to conduct and publish surveys. I have referred clients to her because she understands how to ask questions that will result in useful stories and develop reports that share insights.”

Michele Linn
Co-founder, Mantis Research

Not ready for a full original research study?

If you’re interested in original research but aren’t quite ready to commit to a full research project, I can create a research road map that includes working with your team to brainstorm topics and themes, define research respondents, identify the appropriate methodology, and assemble a project plan with milestones and key dates.

You’ll walk away with a clear plan on how to move forward with original research when you’re ready, and you can use the road map to help sell the idea of original research within your organization.