Need cybersecurity marketing help? Let me lend an experienced hand.


Cybersecurity is one of my favorite areas in the tech industry.

Not only is it fast paced, but it’s also constantly changing, which means there’s never a dull moment. 

Cybersecurity content strategy and copywriting are two of my specialties, and I have deep experience with both. Before I started my business, I worked at Symantec. After I became an entrepreneur, Symantec was one of my clients for many years. 

My other security clients include Huntress, Nuspire, and Malwarebytes. All this experience means I understand the nuances of the industry. I can provide strategic recommendations when you need a sounding board or a different perspective. And I can hit the ground running with little to no handholding.

“Instrumental in creating high-value content…”

“Kim has a knack for taking seemingly disparate ideas and synthesizing them into a coherent, compelling story. She was instrumental in helping my previous employer transform its product-heavy promotional pieces into high-value, thought leadership-focused content. They were the driving force behind many campaigns and helped us generate more demand from higher-quality leads.”

Francie Dudrey
Director of Content Marketing, Nuspire

"Great background in cybersecurity..."

“Kim has a great background in cybersecurity content strategy and development.”

Carrie Kelly
Chief Marketing Officer, Critical Start

I can help.

If you’re a cybersecurity marketing leader who needs to create powerful content, I can help. I understand the latest security technologies and I stay up to date on recent breaches. I also understand cybersecurity buyers’ priorities and concerns, including the reality that they’re crazy busy and have little time to sort through the hype.

We’ll work collaboratively to help you rise above the noise. And together we’ll ensure your messaging and content are on point and capture the attention of your target audience.