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Content Marketing Strategy

When you’re so close to an issue, it’s easy to have blind spots when it comes to strategizing new approaches.

I’m a creative thinker with an MBA in marketing who sees the big picture beyond a single content deliverable. I’m a fresh set of eyes who can bring new ideas to the table and suggest inventive ways to approach your challenges. 

I’ve also worked with lots of tech companies, so I know what gets results and what doesn’t.

My clients say it’s a no-brainer to work with me because I make their jobs easy by adding value that goes far beyond content creation. I work with their teams to create a clear path forward to generate leads, drive thought leadership, introduce new products, reposition their company, and more. 

“I trust Kim’s recommendations.”

“I appreciate Kim’s insights on content strategy. She’s worked with a lot of tech companies, so she’s seen a wide variety of approaches, including what works and what doesn’t. I trust her recommendations, and I know she’ll tell me if a strategy we’re considering needs tweaking. It’s a no-brainer to hire her because she makes my job easier.”

Marina Antestenis
Vice President, Demand Generation, Splashtop

Learn how Nuspire worked with me to create an actionable, strategic content calendar.

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“I engaged Kim to create a content calendar that will be the hub for our marketing activities in the next year. She followed a specific, well-organized process so she was well-informed about our audience and marketing goals. She then used that information to suggest creative content ideas, including repurposing existing content, and incorporated them into a three-month plan.

“I now have a clear path forward and a targeted content calendar for generating leads, driving thought leadership, and supporting our sales team. Kim’s knowledge of the cybersecurity industry and content marketing was invaluable in making strategic recommendations for engaging our target market. I highly recommend her strategy session if you need help creating an actionable content calendar. Her work is top-notch!”

Francie Dudrey
Director of Content Marketing, Nuspire

Content Strategy Engagements

Trying to create a content calendar for next quarter but other tasks are getting in the way? Not sure how to take a meaty eBook and create supporting content for it? Need help creating an email nurture campaign that will generate results?

I’ve helped my clients with all these challenges and more. And I do this through very targeted and focused strategy engagements that will give you the ideas, clarity, and actionable plans you need to get results.

Here are some of my content strategy packages:

Positioning and Messaging Workshop

Do your positioning and messaging clearly communicate your products’ benefits? Without consistent, on-point messaging, your target market will be confused about your value and it’ll be tough to compete in crowded markets.

In my positioning and messaging workshop, we’ll collaboratively work together to articulate your value clearly and persuasively. I’ll ask probing questions to tease out key points and provide feedback from working with many tech clients. You’ll walk away with a positioning and messaging platform that will resonate with your target market and get everyone in your organization (especially your sales team) on the same page so they can communicate your value consistently, clearly, and persuasively.

Content Calendar Playbook

Without a content calendar, you run the risk of being tactical rather than strategic. A good content calendar goes beyond just assigning production dates. It should be the hub for your larger marketing objectives such as generating leads, driving thought leadership, and moving prospects through the sales cycle.

I’ll kick off this engagement by setting up a one-hour market overview call to learn about your goals, target market, what’s worked well and what hasn’t, upcoming key events or product releases, etc. We’ll collaboratively brainstorm specific topic ideas, and I’ll create a content calendar with compelling, interesting content. You’ll have a playbook that will help you maintain publishing consistency, boost audience engagement, and support your sales team’s efforts.

Email Nurturing Road Map

Email nurturing is one of the best ways to keep prospects engaged. However, it can be time-consuming to create personalized nurture campaigns – especially when you already have a lot on your plate.

I’ve written hundreds of emails for nurture campaigns, so I have in-depth experience in what works and what doesn’t. I’ll review your content assets to evaluate which ones would work best in a nurture campaign. And I’ll create a plan that includes key topics, sequencing, and frequency. I can also write persuasive, engaging nurture emails – and all you’ll need to do is hit the “Send” button.

Content Repurposing Action Plan

Repurposing content saves you time and money. However, to do it well, you need to audit your old assets and determine exactly how to breathe new life into them.

I’ve repurposed lots of content for my clients. We’ll kick off this project by discussing your marketing objectives so I can create a repurposing plan that works. Next, I’ll audit your existing content, determine which ideas have potential, and create a playbook for transforming your old assets into content gold. You’ll have a clear plan for moving forward that extends your content’s life and delivers your message from multiple angles.

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