The Art of Tech Marketing Podcast

Cool ideas for curious technology marketers

The technology industry is a bit…different, isn’t it? Marketing advice for other industries doesn’t always apply to tech marketers, because it’s a space that’s fast-paced and constantly changing.

The Art of Tech Marketing podcast is all about showcasing smart, innovative, and often unusual marketing strategies that generate results. Hosted by Kim Gusta, a tech marketing industry veteran, you’ll walk away with practical tips and ideas to help you stand out in the crowded and noisy world of B2B technology marketing. Topics include lead generation techniques, how to build authority, running an original research campaign, creating stand-out content, and more.

A podcast for marketing leaders in the technology industry

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Podcast Episodes

Episode #1: How to be a Strategic CMO with Michelle Burrows

In this episode, Michelle shares her insights for revitalizing a much loved 30-year-old brand, building high-performance teams, and being a continual learner.