How I Price My Services

All my services involve custom work, so my pricing is also tailored to your requirements and your project’s scope. This page details how I price engagements. 

Kickoff project

For new clients, I require a $5,000 minimum engagement for your first project. This can be a combination of multiple deliverables or one large deliverable that meets or exceeds $5,000.

Ongoing projects

At the end of our kickoff engagement, we can then look ahead to additional projects. I work with clients on a retainer basis only, and my standard retainer is three months and a minimum of $8,250 total (which equates to a minimum of $2,750 for each of the three months).

My goal is always to build strong, ongoing relationships with my clients. Scheduling, planning, and pricing all engagements as three-month retainers mean I can give you my best work and full commitment.

This creates a true win/win for clients who can commit to a specific three-month window of deliverables and can work with me to plan ahead. Not only does the retainer secure you a spot on my calendar, it also helps me create content strategies and deliverables that will support you in achieving your ongoing marketing objectives.

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