My husband and I are remodeling a 2004 RV.

We tore out old, smelly carpet and donated ugly blue valances and furniture.

We spent three weeks painting to make the small space look bigger and laid laminate floors. I sewed curtains, and he laid molding. It was a time-consuming 2 ½ month job. And it’s paid off because it’s now a shiny, beautiful space.

polish up your content plan

Why am I telling you this? It reminds me of how we create and maintain content plans.

Now that we have only 1 month left in Q3, how is your plan holding up? Does it need a major remodel like retargeting content to specific personas? Are you re-using the same piece of content over and over? Are you tracking your results?

Yes, it’s hard when you’re busy, but polishing up your content plan will pay off in spades.

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