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Grab your prospects’ attention with original research

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Comcast Business drives thought leadership with original research

Original Research for Thought Leadership

Original Research
  • Trying to stand out from your competitors with a unique, authoritative voice?
  • Striving to establish yourself as a source of expert insights?
  • Struggling to grab technology buyers’ attention in a noisy market?

Establish your authority and create fresh, newsworthy content with original research.

“88% of B2B decision-makers say an organization’s thought leadership enhances their perception of it.”  

 What is Original Research?

It’s survey-based research that’s specifically designed to uncover captivating storylines and themes which can be used to create thought leadership content that stands out in your industry. 

I specialize in original research for technology companies, and I can help you become an authority in your market by:

  • Designing and executing unique research that elicits one-of-a-kind storylines based on your buyers’ most pressing issues
  • Writing compelling research-based content that buyers are eager to download

Original research marks you as a thought leader. No one else can claim it (although they can quote you and give you credit for it).

I’ll help you rise above your competition and engage buyers with unique, high-value content.

“Call Kim for your next project”

I recently used Kim’s expertise to head up a successful original research project and to write three market-specific eBooks from the research data to help kickoff a new demand generation program to drive qualified leads into the top of the funnel for our enterprise team. Call her for your next project – she gets results.

Marina Antestenis

Vice President, Global Demand Generation, Splashtop

How does it work?

Original Research Package (Survey-Based Research + eBook)

Here are the steps in my Original Research Package:


  • We’ll discuss your research goals, and I’ll create a plan to satisfy them.

Creating the survey and testing

  • I’ll create survey questions designed to elicit interesting themes and storylines from the data that can be used for content creation.
  • Once the online survey is programmed, it will be tested before sending to potential respondents.

Analyzing data and presenting results

  • Once the survey is closed, my team and I will analyze the data. I’ll present the results to you in a presentation and written research report.
  • I’ll also recommend compelling themes and storylines we can use to create content.

Writing the eBook 

  • Creating an eBook is included in my Original Research Package. It can serve as the cornerstone piece of your content campaigns and will focus on the research’s most compelling themes and storylines.

Other Options

Qualitative Research Interviews 

In some cases, qualitative interviews are best for uncovering information such as respondents’ in-depth thoughts about a subject, sharing best practices, etc.

I conduct one-on-one qualitative interviews by phone. They can be done in conjunction with the Original Research Package (and the results can be included in the Original Research Package’s eBook) or separately.

Custom Content Creation

I highly recommend creating additional content to realize the true value of your research. I can write just about anything you need including webinar content, infographics, articles, videos and more.


Not ready for a full original research study?

If you’re interested in original research but aren’t quite ready to commit to a full research project, I can create a research roadmap plan which includes working with your team to brainstorm topics and themes, defining research respondents, identifying methodology, and putting together a project plan with milestones and key dates.

You’ll have a clear plan on how to move forward with original research when you’re ready, and you can use the roadmap to help sell the idea of original research higher in your organization.


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Check out this list of Original Research FAQs I’ve complied from questions clients often ask me. 



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