Here’s a great report – The 2014 B2B Web Usability Report: What B2B Buyers Want from Vendor Websites by Diana Huff and KoMarketing Associates. It answers many of those nagging questions you’ve probably always wondered about including what pieces of information buyers say are the most critical for your site to contain and what plays a less important role in their buying decision.

Download the report here (no registration required)

A few highlights I found interesting:

  • Buyers say pricing information is “must have” content on your site. (Yet how many B2B sites actually have any pricing information – even high-level ranges?)
  • Social media has minimal impact on the buying process. (I’m glad to see my suspicions about this confirmed.  Although social media can be an important tool for raising awareness, buyers say it it’s not a deal breaker if a vendor has no social media presence.)
  • Don’t annoy your buyers with interruptive marketing.(Buyers don’t like pop-up ads,video or audio that plays automatically, or animated ads that crawl across the page or pop up.)
  • Case studies are the #1 type of marketing collateral buyers find lacking on most company sites.

This is a great report – well-written, and summarized with important action steps you can take today. Download it here.