What is the Biggest Lead Generation Challenge?

I doubt this one is a surprise – the biggest challenge marketers report, by far, is generating high-quality leads followed by converting them into customers.

Analysis: Getting quality leads vs. quantity, which I wrote about in a previous post, “Leads: Quality Wins Over Quantity Every Time” is always tough. You can tightly target your ideal market segment and still have leads that aren’t a good match for your products or services. There will always be C leads that are never sales-ready, but in other cases, it’s worth nurturing them so you begin to build a relationship. Offering them high-value, educational content via email nurturing is one way to do this. To do this, see “Principles for Creating a Successful Email Lead Nurturing Campaign.”

What is the Most Effective Lead Generation Tactic?

Marketers said their company website is their most effective tactic followed by conferences/tradeshows and then email marketing.

Analysis: It makes sense that marketers feel their website plays an important role in lead generation – after all, you control it completely unlike social media sites. And, if you’re using content marketing, you’re probably driving prospects to your site to get your content so it serves as a centralized information hub.

I was surprised conferences/tradeshows ranked as high as they did since they’re often expensive and time-consuming efforts. But nothing beats face-to-face contact in this digital age. Email marketing tied with event marketing. Email is certainly a great tactic, when tightly targeted to your ideal audience. For ideas on how to do email marketing, see “SaaS Marketers: Are You Wasting Your Trialware Leads?”

What B2B Email Tactic is Most Effective?

I love that the most popular answer here was “compelling content” for each stage in the buying process. So true and glad these marketers understand that. Offering downloadable content was the second most popular answer – which goes hand-in-hand with offering compelling content.

Analysis: Companies that offer content segmented by buyer persona and sales stage tend to have more successful lead generation outcomes. They’ve done the hard work of analyzing their prospects’ challenges and creating high-value content to address them. Giving a technology buyer a report that lists key criteria to consider when moving to the cloud (and that’s devoid of hype) can be a useful asset when they’re trying to make a big purchasing decision. But don’t make these common mistakes with your content “Top Mistakes Tech Marketers Make with Content”.

Download All Survey Results on Lead Generation

Get the entire survey to learn common metrics used, percentage of leads that convert, and more. This is a great resource for demand generation and marketing communication technology marketers. Download the survey slides: http://www.slideshare.net/hschulze/b2-b-lead-generation-report-2013