I have started a new habit: tracking all the food I eat.

I HATE food tracking and had lots of excuses in the past:

  • It takes too long
  • I can’t remember to do it consistently
  • I don’t have a good app
  • I have to do this after every meal?!

But a switch flipped, and I’ve been tracking all my food for a week and a half. And it’s paying off: I’ve lost already lost five pounds.

Yes, 10 days isn’t long to be food tracking, but something’s different this time.

Now I have a strategy AND expert support because I’m using this cool app called Noom that was designed by psychologists and focuses on the reasons why we overeat.

Getting help and having a strategy has made the difference. I’m actually tracking all my food AND enjoying it (plus losing weight).

It’s a bit like creating your content calendar for the next quarter: you probably have plenty of other things to do, but it’s still a necessary task.

The risk of slapping a content calendar together, though, just to get it done is that you’ll be focused on tactics and not strategy. And a content calendar without a strategy will likely be gathering dust within a few weeks.

In December, I helped Francie Dudrey, Director of Content Marketing at Nuspire, put together a three-month content calendar that was squarely focused on her strategic marketing objectives. Francie and I implemented my six-step process to create a customized content calendar with fresh ideas and specific suggestions for blog posts, eBooks, videos, infographics, and more.

With my support, Francie now has:

  • A ready-to-go, strategic content calendar for achieving her quarterly marketing goals.
  • A clear action plan for developing content.
  • Faster content creation cadence with a detailed roadmap and distribution schedule.

Learn more about how we created a clear path forward for Francie’s content creation activities in this case study.

Remember: focus on strategy, not tactics, when it comes to creating your content plan.

And get the support you need. Just contact me if you’d like help.

Plus…whenever you’re ready, here are some ways I can help you stand out the noisy tech market:

1) Grab a copy of my report on original research, which includes all the details on how to use original research to capture prospects’ mindshare. Download it here.

You’ll learn why marketers are getting so much value out of their original research, the steps in conducting an original research study, and you’ll get my 14×9 content grid that gives you 14 content ideas to fulfill nine different marketing strategies. Get it here.

2) Not ready for a full-blown original research project? Work directly with me to create a roadmap. There are a lot of details to running an original research study and creating content that gets results. I’ll work with you to create a roadmap plan that ensures you’ll get the biggest ROI when you’re ready to kick off an original research project. Contact me, and I’ll get back to you with more details.