If you guess the complex purchase for both questions, you’re right.

This information comes from Mindwave Research’s “Technology Advertising Planner” study. Although the findings are pretty intuitive, it’s helpful to technology marketers as it gives concrete advice about what types of content buyers prefer .

“If you look at buyers of laptops, tablets and similar commoditized products they may look at a few sources of information before their consumption of data drops dramatically,” said Jonathan Hilland, president-CEO of Austin, Texas-based Mindwave. “By contrast, with the people buying more advanced technology and sometimes deploying it for the first time, the number of sources they use is more than five times greater.”

61% of complex solution buyers are highly influenced by their peers as compared to 49% of buyers of computers and mobile devices. The buyers of complex products also rely on manufacturer websites, customer testimonials, print publications, and case studies more than buyers of computer and mobile devices.

I imagine you’ll agree that these findings aren’t surprising, but it’s always nice to see assumptions confirmed with research. It’s good information to keep in mind when creating your content – realize those who are making a complex purchase need helpful, high-quality content when researching, evaluating, and justifying their decision. Vendors who create this type of content are more likely to close deals. Read more about this research study here.