My 18-year-old just dyed her hair blue and pink.

I dug the hair color boxes out of the wastebasket and was struck by how well this company targets their market.

“Beautifully Obnoxious” and “GoodDyeYoung” are brilliant terms to use when marketing to teens. They don’t want to use L’Oreal hair coloring like their moms. They want to be seen as independent and hip.

Even the hair color name is out-there: “Blue Ruin.” My first thought is: “Who wants to ruin their hair with blue dye?” but that’s my point-of-view speaking, not my daughter’s. She doesn’t really care if her hair is “ruined” —she wants to be seen as an independent kid who isn’t afraid to do something that’s not mainstream.

Marketing that’s rad and distinctive speaks to teens and this company does it in a clever, memorable way.

My point is it’s critical to know your target market so well that you can do something like this. Yes, it’s harder with B2B but not impossible. How can you take a radical, pirate approach vs. dull and dreary? How can you be “beautifully obnoxious” and still generate leads or drive thought leadership?

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