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B2B Copywriting and Content Marketing Strategy

Copywriting and Content Marketing Strategy

Finding a great B2B copywriter who understands both technology and the quirky nuances of marketing to tech buyers is tough.

I get it – I’m a technology industry veteran, and I used to hire copywriters in my corporate days (let’s just say most left a lot to be desired).

Finding the right copywriter doesn’t have to be onerous. I can help you stand out in your market and rise above your competitors’ noise.

I write copy that speaks to technology buyers in their language and addresses their top concerns. I can help you:

  • Create content that makes buyers say, “Tell me more” and take the next step in your sales cycle
  • Publish news-worthy content that marks you as a thought leader
  • Generate qualified leads that make you a star in the eyes of your sales team

“Instrumental in creating high-value, thought leadership-focused content”

Kim has been instrumental in helping Procare transform its content from product-heavy, promotional pieces to high-value, thought leadership-focused content. These pieces have been the driving force behind many of our campaigns and have helped us generate more demand from higher-quality leads.

Francie Dudrey

Director of Content, Events, and Brand, Procare Solutions

Kim is a very versatile writer”

“Kim is an awesome writer. We’ve had a lot of fun working together on different projects. She’s very versatile: she can write factual content, and she’s great at writing really fun content, too. I love that she can do it all.”

Jennifer Waite

Vice President, Product Marketing, Playvox

What’s your copywriting process?

I was fortunate to work in corporate product marketing for some great B2B technology companies and that still influences how I write copy and get to know new clients.

Great product marketing managers want to understand their market and buyers in-depth. That’s my philosophy, too. Once we’re ready to work together, I’ll setup a one- hour kickoff call to do a deep dive into your market, customers, problems your solutions solve, value propositions, your sales process and more.

This is the cornerstone for me to put myself in your buyers’ shoes so I can write copy that really speaks to them.

After that, we’ll talk about the content you want to create. I’ll likely give you some additional ideas about how to amp it up a notch, and then I’ll write the copy and send it to you for review.

    What does it cost?

    Since everything I write is custom, pricing varies. Contact me for more information.

    Content marketing strategy

    Need help creating a content marketing campaign to generate leads for next quarter? Not sure how to take a meaty eBook and create supporting content for it? I can help. I’m always thinking strategically about content including how you’ll realize the greatest ROI. I can create content marketing strategy plans that will kick your content machine into high gear. Contact me for more information.

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