It’s necessary, to a large degree, in order to explain their complex solutions and what they can do for their customers. But for marketers, it can be overwhelming to create loads of high-quality content. Especially when it’s piled on top of an already very long to-do list.

Is there a better way?

You bet.  Take a step back, a deep breath, and start with this Quick Reference Guide that describes five steps that can simplify content creation.  Some you’ve probably already heard elsewhere, but, the important question is: Are you doing them? Consistently? My goal is this Quick Reference Guide helps you get started taming the content beast so you can really reap the rewards of content marketing without burnout or overwhelm.

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Click Here: 5 Steps to Tame the Content Beast & Prevent Content Overwhelm (PDF)

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By the way…whenever you’re ready, here are some ways I can help you stand out the noisy tech market:

  1. Grab a copy of my report on original research, which includes all the details on how to use original research to capture prospects’ mindshare. Download it here.

You’ll learn why marketers are getting so much value out of their original research, the steps in conducting an original research study, and you’ll get my 9×14 content grid that gives you 14 content ideas to fulfill nine different marketing strategies. Get it here.

  1. Work directly with me to create an original research roadmap. There are a lot of details to running an original research study and creating content that gets results. I’ll work with you to create a roadmap plan that ensures you’ll get the biggest ROI from original research. Contact me, and I’ll get back to you with more details.