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Thought Leadership Package

Powerful content to establish your company as a thought leader 

Starting at $2795

Who is this package for?

Companies entering new markets or those trying to build awareness for their products or services. This is also a good package for companies that need help standing out in a crowded, competitive market.

Sound familiar?
  • You’re entering a new market and have no established presence in it
  • You have a great product but no one seems to know about it
  • Your plate is already full with lots of other tasks and there’s no time for thought leadership activities or plans
  • Your executive team wants your marketing to “rise above the noise” so you stand out in a crowded market
What can this package do for you?

PowerContent can be a key tool in building thought leadership. The goal of this package is to give your audience (which could be prospects, the media, customers, etc.) powerful content that helps establish you as a thought leader in their minds. To do that, we’ll create a strategy and customized content for educating your market and sharing information about common problems/issues they experience.

Package includes:
  • Thought leadership content plan detailing the specific content to create for each target audience
  • 2-3 pieces of thought leadership content of your choice such as an eBook, white paper, or blog post on thought-provoking topics.
  • Campaign calendar that details when to send recipients each piece of content
  • Other services can be added-on as desired

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Additional services available:
  • Development of a launch messaging platform
  • Email campaign for sending content to prospects
  • Landing pages for thought leadership content on your website
  • Webinar series
  • Graphic design
  • Video/audio project management

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Establishing Thought Leadership with Timely, News-worthy Research

Conducting original research that’s timely and useful to your market is a great strategy for getting attention and developing a reputation as a thought leader. Matrix42, a global software company, used this approach by running a simple and inexpensive survey at CeBIT, a large international tradeshow, on a timely topic related to Microsoft’s newest release of Windows. We created a report that was easy-to-read and highlighted the most news-worthy results. Matrix42 sent the report to media outlets, and it created lots of buzz across the Web. They were frequently quoted in online news sources as an expert plus it generated the highest number of leads ever in their North American market.

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1. What types of content do you use for establishing thought leadership?

Lots of different types of content can be used – what’s more relevant is the message each piece of content conveys. For instance, we’ll want to understand your goals and your audience well. Next we’ll determine the message we want to communicate to establish thought leadership and then decide which types of content would work best. Perhaps your goals include being quoted often in the media. We might recommend conducting an original research study at an upcoming industry trade show and writing a meaty report with the results that is distributed to media outlets.

2. Tell me more about the package’s content plan.

The content plan details the specific content I'll utilize for each target audience. For instance, based on your goals, I may recommend creating a series of short articles on how solutions like yours solve buyers’ pain points. Or perhaps I’ll recommend hosting a webcast on a thought-provoking topic. I’ll ask for your input and feedback as I create the plan so the final result satisfies your goals.

3. How much content do we need?

Establishing thought leadership isn’t a quick, one-time marketing campaign - it’s an ongoing process. So creating original content, or re-creating existing content into new, compelling formats, is a must. I’ll setup an initial campaign to create and disseminate content for a time period you specify – like three months. I can also be retained on a monthly basis to continue creating content for your thought leadership campaign, if you wish.

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