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Product Launch Package

Launch a product with content that engages and educates buyers 

Starting at $2695

Who is this package for?

Companies launching a product that need high-impact content.

  • Your launch deadline is looming, and you’ve got an overwhelming list of content to create
  • You’re short on resources and scrambling to get everything done
  • Your company creates the same deliverables for every launch –without considering if anyone is consuming them
  • Your sales team is clamoring to add even more content deliverables to your to-do list
What can this package do for you?

High-value content for product launches is critical for building awareness and giving your sales team tools that help them sell. I'll create a strategy for your launch’s content PLUS create 2-5 pieces of powerful content of your choice. And it’ll be ready by launch time - guaranteed.

This package can be tailored to different goals like raising awareness, generating leads, or giving your sales team or partners enablement tools that educate them about your offering and help them successfully sell.

Package includes:
  • Content launch plan detailing the specific content I'll create for each target audience for each stage of your sales cycle.
  • Development of 2-5 pieces of content such as a datasheet, white paper, blog posts, or sales guide.
  • Other services can be added-on as desired

Click for Package Add-Ons

Additional services available:
  • Development of a launch messaging document
  • Web page creation or updates
  • Promotional emails
  • Webinar series
  • Graphic design
  • Video/audio project management

Click for a Product Launch Success Story

Helping Symantec with a deadline-driven product launch

Product launches at global security software company Symantec are often multi-month events with lots of content deliverables and big deadlines. For a recent launch, a Symantec Product Marketing Manager had a long to-do list, but absolutely no time in his busy schedule to get it done. I was called in to help manage the launch and develop key pieces of content under tight deadlines.

My first step was creating an internal product messaging document that clearly described the product’s value propositions and key messages. This document was an important tool in helping educate others internally on the launch’s key themes. I also developed internal sales tools, like cheat sheets and PowerPoint presentations, for training the Sales team and wrote datasheets and FAQs for the external audience. I participated in weekly launch project meetings and worked with other Symantec teams to review materials. The result was a launch that hit its deadlines with market-ready content.

Click for Package's Frequently Asked Questions

1. Tell me more about the package’s content launch plan.

The content launch plan details the specific content I'll utilize for each target audience in each stage of your sales cycle. For instance, based on your buyers’ information needs, I may recommend creating a blog series on how you solve your buyers’ pain points. Or perhaps a buyer’s guide for those considering a competitor’s solution. I’ll ask for your input and feedback as I create the plan so the final result satisfies your launch goals.

2. Does all the content need to be created from scratch?

No, we can take your existing content and re-create it into new formats. A blog post, for instance, could become an educational article. Or an engaging PowerPoint slide might be re-created into an infographic. We can review your existing content and assess how it could take life in new formats.

3. Our product launches in 6 weeks. Is that enough time to implement the Product Launch Package?

Possibly, depending on your launch goals and if you already have high-quality content I can utilize. Six weeks is about the minimum amount of time I need to understand your buyer, assess your current content, develop a content launch plan, and create the content deliverables. An ideal timeframe for engaging me would be 8-12 weeks prior to product launch.

4. My company creates TOO much content for product launches. How can you help?

Too much content is just as bad as too little – it’s tough to manage, maintain, and prospects can be turned off if they have to dig through lots of content to find answers to their questions.

I'll take a step back and ask “What content will be the most high-value for your audience?” I’ll carefully assess what content will be most useful and create a plan for developing and distributing it. Every piece of content should earn its keep – otherwise, it’s a burden to your marketing team and it confuses your audience.

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