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Email Lead Nurturing Package

Stay in touch with leads so you’re top of mind when they’re ready to buy

Starting at $2499

This package is for you if:
  • Your B & C level leads are languishing in your database
  • Your sales team is clamoring for more sales-ready prospects
  • Your company spends more time and budget acquiring new leads than nurturing existing ones
What can this package do for you?

73% of leads aren’t sales ready. Every company needs an ongoing email nurturing program so you’re top of mind with prospects when they’re ready to buy.

The most successful lead nurturing campaigns aren’t about selling – the best results come from helpful content that builds a trusting relationship.

Package includes:
  • Development of  four persuasive and action-oriented emails (90-150 words each) that drive your prospects to existing content on your website
  • Development of two sales-oriented landing pages that encourage prospects to download your existing assets (like a white paper or eBook)
  • Other services can be added-on as desired (see "Package Add-Ons," below, for details)

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Additional services available:

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High-touch email nurturing beats industry averages

inContact, a cloud provider for contact centers uses Eloqua, their marketing automation system, extensively for lead nurturing. Their challenge was creating email streams for multiple personas that were in different stages of the buying cycle. I wrote their successful lead nurturing emails which measurably grew revenue and surpassed industry averages for open and click through rates. Read the case study here.

Email nurturing  generates sales-ready leads for a startup

RingCube was a small technology startup that asked for my help with lead nurturing. They sold a great product, but awareness was low among their target buyers and the sales team was itching to close more deals.

I interviewed their sales team to understand their sales process, target market, the problems their solution solved, and the challenges they had in closing deals.

I developed a nurturing plan for regularly sending emails to existing leads with useful information about how RingCube solved their challenges. The plan also included "touchpoints" for their inside sales team to reach out to prospects via phone to answer questions. The result was an email marketing campaign that supported the Sales team’s efforts to develop leads and close deals.

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1. When would I use email lead nurturing?

Lead nurturing is ideal if you have leads you want to stay in touch with so they’ll remember your company when they’re ready to buy. Consider email lead nurturing if you:

  • Want to use your marketing automation system for ongoing nurturing of B & C-level leads
  • Recently had a webinar that generated lots of names
  • Went to a tradeshow that resulted in new contacts in your database
  • Need a high-touch campaign for nurturing A-level leads that complements your Sales team's efforts  
2. How does an email lead nurturing campaign work?

Most companies use their marketing automation system, like Eloqua or Aprimo, to regularly send helpful content to leads that aren't sales ready. The goal is to build a relationship with these leads and offer them useful information that addresses their challenges. Using your marketing automation system, you can track which prospects download assets and score them based on that behavior. If a prospect gets a high enough score, then you can then turn them over to your Sales team. 

Email nurturing campaigns help prospects know, like, and trust your company and encourage them to take action that qualifies them as a "warm" lead. Regular, ongoing contact is great for staying top of mind with your prospects so they'll reach out to you when they're looking for a product or service like yours.


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