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Content marketing is about producing high-value content that addresses your buyers’ concerns and interests. The focus is on education, not selling. It’s also about giving buyers the information they want when they want it – not hitting them over the head with lots of stuff they may not be ready for – because they’ll either ignore it or delete it.

Remember, technology buyers are delaying talking to your sales team – they want to do as much self-service research as possible before they contact you. To help them, you need to align your content with the stages in your sales cycle.

Category:  Content Marketing  

It’s All About Educating vs. Selling

Content marketing might be called a “trend” by some folks, but in reality, it’s nothing new to the marketing world – even for technology companies. Content marketing is the idea of the marketer as a publisher. It focuses on creating marketing content that emphasizes education versus sale-pitches. It eliminates “Wow, here’s how we’re great!” messaging in favor of producing interesting content that helps solve prospects’ challenges.

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