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What do you do with your leads that aren’t yet ready to buy? If the answer is let them languish in your database, learn how to turn them into sales-ready leads with an email lead nurturing campaign.



Category:  Content Marketing  Buyer Research  

Developing personas for each of your key buyers is one of the best time investments you can make. But once you've created them, there's always room for refinement.

(For more on buyer personas, see my previous post where I interview Adele Revella: "The #1 Thing All Technology Marketers Should Do".)



Category:  Content Marketing  Technology Marketing  Content Strategy  Content Rules  

If you're feeling overwhelmed by content creation demands, check out these resources that will help you tame the content beast.

Category:  Content Marketing  Technology Marketing  Content Strategy  Content Rules  

Are you feeling overwhelmed by content these days?
Believe me, you’re not alone.

I talk to companies who are creating LOTS of content, because that’s what the marketing gurus recommend.  And then there are marketers who give up because it’s too much of a burden.


Category:  Content Marketing  Lead Nurturing  Technology Marketing  Industry Leader Interviews  

In this post, I interview my colleague, webinar expert Mike Agron of WebAttract, on getting the highest ROI out of your webinars with lead nurturing. Learn the finer points of nurturing leads that aren't quite sales ready.


Category:  Content Marketing  Technology Marketing  B2B Sales  Sales Cycles  

I’m often asked this question by marketers who embrace the idea of content marketing, but a persistent voice in the back of their head is whispering“Do I need to create this much stuff for ALL our buyers?” 


Category:  Content Marketing  Lead Nurturing  Technology Marketing  B2B Sales  Lead Generation  Sales Cycles  Content Strategy  Product Marketing  Case Studies  

There's lots of information about content marketing out there, but it's a bit harder to find resources that directly apply to or are helpful to technology marketers. Since marketing technology is relatively unique, I've created a list called "Best Content Marketing Resources for Technology Marketers" on List.ly.

Please read it, share your opinions on the resources, and add your own favorites to the list so it continues to evolve into a useful resource.

Category:  Content Marketing  B2B Sales  Content Strategy  Case Studies  

I get some variation of this question every time I do a presentation or webinar, so I know many folks struggle with it. Whether you’re marketing a data center, insurance industry, or mortgage titles - every business, no matter how seemingly mundane, has something to say that its buyers want to hear. 


Category:  Content Marketing  Technology Marketing  B2B Sales  Sales Cycles  Buyer Research  Case Studies  

If you’ve read my blog, you likely know I am a HUGE advocate of regularly interviewing customers or prospects.  Here is a real-life example of the outstanding benefits companies can reap if they regularly converse with their customers.



Category:  Content Marketing  High-Quality Leads  Lead Nurturing  Qualified Sales  Technology Marketing  B2B Sales  Sales Cycles  Content Strategy  Demand Generation  

Wouldn’t it be great to pull out a crystal ball and know exactly what your prospective technology buyers DON’T want in your marketing content? 


Category:  Content Marketing  Content Strategy  Industry Leader Interviews  

Puzzling over why your content marketing isn't working well? Joe Chernov discusses common issues and how to fix them.

In a good video interview by CRMSoftware.TV, Eloqua's Joe Chernov discusses common reasons why your content marketing might not be meeting expectations. Watch it and you'll get some excellent tips and reminders about how to build an effective content marketing strategy.


Category:  Content Marketing  FAQs  

I had a great webinar last week on “5 Keys to Using Content for Effective Lead Generation” with outstanding audience questions and lots of participation.

If you missed the webinar, here’s the replay link. (Be sure and stay on to the end so you’ll get information on downloading my free bonus gifts for all webinar attendees.)


Category:  Content Marketing  Lead Nurturing  Qualified Sales  B2B Sales  Lead Generation  Sales Cycles  Content Strategy  Buyer Research  

UBM TechWeb recently published an interesting report on what technology buyers want from their vendors’ content. As you might image, it didn’t involve requests for more product datasheets.

Rather they want fact-based, best practices-oriented content that helps them make purchasing decisions. Although this research is focused on the technology industry, the results can be applied to most any complex, B2B purchasing cycle.

(To see the what buyers don't want in your content, visit my post: "Technology Buyers' Biggest Marketing Turn-offs.")


Category:  Content Marketing  B2B Sales  Lead Generation  Demand Generation  

Vitamixes are those super-duper high speed blenders that liquefy just about anything you put in them – like entire oranges, apples, spinach, and even other solid objects that aren’t edible.  And, amazingly, there’s a content marketing lesson to be learned when it comes to using the Vitamix for making smoothies.

When our Vitamix first arrived, we shoved aside the recipe book that came with it and started making smoothies just like the demonstration guy at Costco. We threw in whole fruit that wasn’t peeled or seeded, greens, juice – anything that sounded good. The result?  Some of the worst smoothies ever.  And the Vitamix, the super-duper-blend-anything machine, just sat there and roared while it vainly tried to blend up our mess.


Category:  Content Marketing  

You might be enthused about generating leads and driving sales with high-quality, helpful content.  But you may also dread the task of getting started. Where do you begin? How will you get it all done?  What’s your plan? And, most importantly, will this really achieve your business goals?

A good content marketing expert can help lift those heavy burdens.  Here are some important questions to consider when hiring a content marketing expert:

Category:  Content Marketing  Blogs  CTOs on the Move  Technology Marketing  

I’m proud to say this blog is #18 on the list

One of the best things you can do for your technology marketing career is expose yourself regularly to cutting-edge ideas from other, like-minded professionals. The Web makes this an easy thing to do with all content out there today. The problem is finding good, relevant stuff.

Category:  Content Marketing  FAQs  

 I recently did a webinar for Citrix GoToMeeting on the “5 Keys to Using Content for More Effective Lead Generation.” 

We had great response – 1700 registrants and 690 attendees.  Obviously, this is a topic you all want to know more about.  So I took some of the most popular questions I was asked and answered them here.  If you’d like to listen to the webinar, go here to access the recording.

Category:  Content Marketing  High-Quality Leads  Qualified Sales  B2B Sales  Lead Generation  Buyer Research  Product Marketing  

When it comes to content – planning it, creating it, using it – Product Marketing’s role is often unclear. In many organizations, the role of content creator and planner is the Marketing Communications team.  They handle outbound marketing execution, and hence, take the lead in content creation and distribution.

But given that Product Marketing is often a key business owner for a particular product or service, and probably cares a good deal about how their product is being marketed to buyers, it makes sense to include Product Marketing in content marketing efforts.

Plus product marketers have the buyer knowledge to create really good content. No one else in Marketing likely knows as much about their buyers as the product marketers.

Category:  Content Marketing  High-Quality Leads  Lead Nurturing  Lead Generation  Sales Cycles  

Monday 9 am. The Sales VP is drumming his fingers on your desk demanding more leads for his team.

You have two choices:
1. Fire off an email offer to your entire database.
2. Calmly explain the advantages of quality over quantity.

I’d take #2.



Category:  Content Marketing  High-Quality Leads  Lead Nurturing  Qualified Sales  Technology Marketing  Sales Cycles  Content Strategy  

It’s true: buyers want your marketing information. What they don’t want is your sales pitch.

They don’t want cold calls, or your Sales team bothering them just because they downloaded a white paper. It’s a sure turnoff in the sales process and could easily lead them to drop your company from their research.


Category:  Content Marketing  

Summarize Content Marketing in One Graphic?  Yes, It’s Possible.

Here’s a cool graphic from Eloqua and JESS3 that, quite simply, explains the how and what of content marketing. Have someone who doesn’t really get content marketing in your organization? Maybe they’re a visual-kind-of-person? Run this by them.

I love the first buying stage which is “Bored at Work.”  How would you build content for that prospect?

Category:  Content Marketing  Content Strategy  Book Reviews  

Elevate Others to Grow Your Business

We’ve got it all wrong about content.

It’s not about selling. It’s about helping.

Michael Stelzner, author of the new book Launch: How to Quickly Propel Your Business Beyond the Competition, says we need to create generous content that helps our audience –without expecting anything in return.

You’re likely thinking “How do I get my VP of Sales to believethat?” Give him (or her) this sobering statistic:  fewer than one in three people trust marketing messages according to Edelman Digital’s annual survey of trust. Ugh.


Category:  Content Marketing  B2B Sales  Lead Generation  Product Marketing  Demand Generation  

Design Your Product Datasheet for Skimming and Scanning

Product datasheets are one of those checklist items in the technology industry; your buyers expect you to have them (or, at the very least, your sales team does.) But the nagging questions are: Does anyone really read them?  And, more importantly, what can we do to make them more readable?

In my opinion, technology buyers WILL read a datasheet if it’s written and laid out well. The key is understanding the majority of buyers will first scan it to pick up the main points, and, if they deem it useful or interesting, they’ll skim the other content. If it passes the skimming and scanning test, some buyers will read the datasheet in detail. So, it’s important to write good copy that gets to the point quickly and to use a very readable layout.

Category:  Content Marketing  Content Strategy  

Does Your Organization Need a Chief Content Officer?

Just how important is content marketing to high-tech organizations’ strategic marketing direction? Important enough that a C-level executive should be appointed to direct all content marketing activities?

Maybe so – check out Joe Pulizzi’s Chief Content Officer (CCO) job description which was created by crowd-sourcing. As Joe says “it’s clear that this is an extremely challenging but necessary position in any company today, as brands continually evolve into media companies.”

Category:  Content Marketing  Content Rules  Book Reviews  

I’m an avid reader of business books, but truthfully, I don’t find many that are helpful and offer up unique ideas I haven’t heard elsewhere. Many seem to be filled with fluffy strategies that aren’t relevant to my situation – well-defined tactics are often missing.

Here’s a book that really delivers outstanding strategies AND tactics: Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars (and More) That Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business by Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman. If you want a book that clearly defines HOW to use content marketing with unique ideas, then you should read this. It’s a worthwhile time investment from the very beginning.


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