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Here are answers to common questions I receive from prospective clients. If your question isn't listed here, feel free to contact me directly and let's chat about it.

1. What are your qualifications as a content marketer?


I think of myself as a strategic content marketing expert, which really means I’m a strategic marketer who’s also a good writer. By combining my deep background in marketing strategy with content creation, you get someone who really understands how content can be a key execution tactic in your marketing plan. I believe content should be always be part of a larger vision whether it’s generating high-quality leads, establishing your thought leadership, or helping your Sales team close more deals. See more about my background and qualifications at Why Kim?

2. Do you do copywriting?


Yes, I do a lot of copywriting for major technology companies like Symantec, inContact, Green House Data, and others. See my list of copywriting projects for technology companies and examples of my work.

3. What do you need to get started on my project?


For all projects, you’ll need to sign and send back my fee agreement that outlines the project’s cost and other conditions of working together.

  • For a coaching session, I require full payment upfront. You can pay via PayPal or snail mail me payment.
  • For copywriting, I require 50% of the payment upfront and the remaining balance will be invoiced after I send you the initial draft.
  • For content and copywriting projects, I also normally do a phone call with new clients to understand their goals for the project, their target buyer's pain points, their sales cycle, etc. My goal is to deeply understand your buyer so I can put myself in their shoes and write compelling copy that persuades them to take action.
4. How do you quote projects?


My quotes are based on the total project price not hourly rates. I believe this is more fair to you since you’ll know the total project cost upfront. As long as the scope of your project doesn’t change, the price I quote you won’t change either.

5. How much will my project cost?


Copywriting rates are quoted based on scope and complexity of the project. You’ll find starter prices for my content marketing packages on each package’s web page. Coaching starts at $249 for a one hour session. Consulting rates vary based on the scope of the project.

6. Do you work on retainer?


Yes, if you’d like ongoing help with your content marketing, we can setup a monthly retainer. Retainers have a minimum fee that needs to be paid in full at the beginning of each month. Each retainer tends to be a bit unique so contact me for more details.

7. How long will my project take?


Since every project varies and delivery times can vary based on my current workload, it’s tough to give a blanket answer to this question. Most content package will take 4+ weeks to complete since there are multiple pieces of content to create and strategic plans to develop.

One-off copywriting projects may take 2-3 weeks. When I give you a delivery date for your content or strategic plan, though, I WILL deliver to the date(s) I quote. On-time, prompt delivery is a hallmark of my business – I don’t miss deadlines.

8. How do you handle revisions for content?


Unless your content piece is extremely short, I always create an outline before I start any writing and send it to you for approval and feedback. Then I create the first draft of content and send it to you for approval and revisions. After feedback is incorporated, I’ll produce the final draft which will also be sent to you for approval. I’ll incorporate your revisions into the final draft to produce the “go-to-market” version of your content. So you’ll get three opportunities to give feedback on your content.

All revisions need to be sent back to me within 30 days of when I send them to you, and they should not fundamentally alter the scope, direction, or format of the content or additional charges will apply.

9. I need something FAST. Do you do quick turnaround for content development?


If there’s an opening in my schedule, I may be able to help. If your turnaround time is really short, a 30% rush fee will apply.

10. Do you guarantee your work?


While I can’t guarantee the results you’ll get, I do guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the content you receive from me. If it’s not right, let’s discuss what’s not working, and I’ll fix it until it is.

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