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Do I need to create content for ALL my buyers? Here's why I say no

"Do I really need to create content for all my buyers?"

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Content marketing for all my buyers?

I’m often asked this question by marketers who embrace the idea of content marketing, but a persistent voice in the back of their head is whispering“Do I need to create this much stuff for ALL our buyers?” 

A Tough, But Relevant, Question

This is an extremely important question to ponder, because many technology companies have multiple markets and different buyers in each one.

Let’s take the typical technology sale as an example: in most cases you have a business buyer and a technology buyer. But there are likely nuances that bring in other buyers, too, like Finance, Operations, C-level executives, etc. 

Or you might sell to multiple verticals. Do you create content for each of those buyers including datasheets, sales presentations, white papers, and outbound marketing campaigns?  

My answer may be controversial, but I believe the correct response is a strong no.  Focus on your buyers who are truly the most important and set the others aside.

If your company sells to multiple industries, focus on the ones that are most important and set the others aside.

Do You Really Have the Resources to Market to Everyone?

You always need to ask “Do we have the resources to appropriately market to this number of buyers or markets?”  If the answer is no, then scale back and reset expectations.

My rationale is you can easily end up with an overwhelming list of content deliverables, if you don’t focus on your content marketing efforts on 1 or 2 key buyers. And if you create truly useful content for these key buyers that’s aligned to your buying stages, you’ll have done better than the vast majority of companies.

"But If I Only Had More Budget..."

You may be thinking “If I had more budget or well-trained marketers on my team, this would be a moot point.”

Possibly. But I’ve been fortunate to work for technology companies of all sizes and even the largest ones feel like they don’t have enough resources to get everything done.

No matter how large your marketing department, no matter how big your budget, you’ll never have enough resources to create all the content you ideally want to create. So you have to make tough decisions about picking and choosing which buyers are most critical to your sales goals and start there.

This is a time when it’s ok to say no to the really long deliverable list that has content for multiple buyers. Focus on your 1 or 2 key buyers and move on from there. 


What do you think about creating content for all your buyers?  Since this is a common challenge for technology marketers, let's have a discussion about pros and cons. 

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