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Most technology marketers would agree that creating content isn’t easy.

So when you’re putting in the effort, it’s important make your content great.  I frequently see technology companies unwittingly making these mistakes.  How many have you committed?


Category:  Content Marketing  Technology Marketing  B2B Sales  Content Strategy  Content Rules  
Do the best technology marketers know something their peers don't when it comes to creating effective content?
Maybe. This study from the Content Marketing Institute illustrates what separates effective content marketers from the rest.

Category:  Content Marketing  Technology Marketing  B2B Sales  Content Strategy  Product Marketing  

More emails, blog posts, PowerPoint presentations, videos, datasheets…  Wow, the list goes on and on.  Technology and software companies create a LOT of content.  



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Join my cause to write like a human - not a robot

The words “engaging and interesting” don’t normally occur in the same sentence as “technology marketing.”  I think we’ll all admit, the vast majority of technology marketing content is really quite dull. Now why is that? Yes, we’re marketing complex products and our audience might be techie folks, but still. Why can’t we be more like B2C companies that make commodities like paper towels sound compelling?


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Last month in Part 1 of this series about Taming the Content Beast, I provided tips to help you better understand your buyers and the depth of your existing content arsenal. These initial steps will strengthen your ability to deliver high-value content and drive strong buying decisions.


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Here's another article in a series that highlights how my clients have solved common content challenges. In this post, you'll learn how inContact built their successful lead nurturing email campaign and how you can follow their steps to create your own.

Building email lead nurturing campaigns might seem daunting, but I can attest they really pay off. My client, inContact, develops cloud solutions for contact centers, and has used these types of campaigns successfully with their Eloqua marketing automation system for a few years. 

I'm often ask how to get started with email nurturing.  Here are the six steps inContact followed to launch their campaigns:


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Since I used to be a product marketer in the software security world, and I have a few clients who also operate in that space, I'm pretty aware of the many ways that cybercriminals can hack your account, steal your identity, and generally cause a great deal of stress.

Here's an interesting infographic that shows just how prevalent the problem is. Follow these steps to make your mobile device more secure.


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Do you ever lament the fact that there are very few industry events focused on marketers in the technology industry?  Well, here's one that's happening in just a few weeks in Cleveland.



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Some companies seem to "get" content marketing and execute on it better than others. I'm on a quest to recognize those that do a stellar job. Here are 5 companies Mashable thinks have great blogs, the starting point for most content marketing efforts.


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In this infographic, UMB Tech captures the most common mistakes technology marketers make with their content. Are you guility of any of these?


Category:  Content Marketing  High-Quality Leads  Lead Nurturing  Technology Marketing  

44% of Software as a Service (SaaS) companies offer a limited time trial, or demo version, of their software for prospects to try before they buy[1]. Surprisingly, most SaaS companies don’t seem to be following up with these warm leads in a personalized, engaging manner.



Category:  Content Marketing  Technology Marketing  Content Strategy  Content Rules  

If you're feeling overwhelmed by content creation demands, check out these resources that will help you tame the content beast.

Category:  Content Marketing  Technology Marketing  Content Strategy  Content Rules  

Are you feeling overwhelmed by content these days?
Believe me, you’re not alone.

I talk to companies who are creating LOTS of content, because that’s what the marketing gurus recommend.  And then there are marketers who give up because it’s too much of a burden.


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In this post, I interview my colleague, webinar expert Mike Agron of WebAttract, on getting the highest ROI out of your webinars with lead nurturing. Learn the finer points of nurturing leads that aren't quite sales ready.


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I’m often asked this question by marketers who embrace the idea of content marketing, but a persistent voice in the back of their head is whispering“Do I need to create this much stuff for ALL our buyers?” 


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There's lots of information about content marketing out there, but it's a bit harder to find resources that directly apply to or are helpful to technology marketers. Since marketing technology is relatively unique, I've created a list called "Best Content Marketing Resources for Technology Marketers" on List.ly.

Please read it, share your opinions on the resources, and add your own favorites to the list so it continues to evolve into a useful resource.

Category:  Content Marketing  Technology Marketing  B2B Sales  Sales Cycles  Buyer Research  Case Studies  

If you’ve read my blog, you likely know I am a HUGE advocate of regularly interviewing customers or prospects.  Here is a real-life example of the outstanding benefits companies can reap if they regularly converse with their customers.



Category:  Content Marketing  High-Quality Leads  Lead Nurturing  Qualified Sales  Technology Marketing  B2B Sales  Sales Cycles  Content Strategy  Demand Generation  

Wouldn’t it be great to pull out a crystal ball and know exactly what your prospective technology buyers DON’T want in your marketing content? 


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I’m proud to say this blog is #18 on the list

One of the best things you can do for your technology marketing career is expose yourself regularly to cutting-edge ideas from other, like-minded professionals. The Web makes this an easy thing to do with all content out there today. The problem is finding good, relevant stuff.

Category:  Content Marketing  High-Quality Leads  Lead Nurturing  Qualified Sales  Technology Marketing  Sales Cycles  Content Strategy  

It’s true: buyers want your marketing information. What they don’t want is your sales pitch.

They don’t want cold calls, or your Sales team bothering them just because they downloaded a white paper. It’s a sure turnoff in the sales process and could easily lead them to drop your company from their research.


Category:  High-Quality Leads  Qualified Sales  Technology Marketing  B2B Sales  Lead Generation  Sales Cycles  Buyer Research  Industry Leader Interviews  

It will Transform Your Team into Your Company’s Most Valuable Asset

Adele Revella is the queen of buyer personas. I was fortunate, early in my career, to attend Adele’s “Effective Product Marketing” class. It’s where I first heard of buyer personas and their positive effect on your organization, your revenue, and your professional reputation.


Category:  Qualified Sales  Technology Marketing  B2B Sales  Sales Cycles  

I often preach about the importance of deeply understanding your buyers in order to create engaging, useful content. One extremely valuable channel for intimate buyer understanding is your sales team. They’re on the front lines all day long talking to buyers, and they have great insights on what resonates and what doesn’t.


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And Why MSU’ing is the Pits

Now, yes, I did attend Michigan State University, but MSU’ing is not about college. It’s about Making Stuff Up (that term is courtesy of Pragmatic Marketing) and it’s a rotten thing to experience if you’re in technology marketing.

If you’ve been a marketer for any length of time, you know that MSU’ing is not fun. It can cause the average marketing manager to sweat bullets.

Category:  Content Marketing  Technology Marketing  Lead Generation  Sales Cycles  

Content marketing is about producing high-value content that addresses your buyers’ concerns and interests. The focus is on education, not selling. It’s also about giving buyers the information they want when they want it – not hitting them over the head with lots of stuff they may not be ready for – because they’ll either ignore it or delete it.

Remember, technology buyers are delaying talking to your sales team – they want to do as much self-service research as possible before they contact you. To help them, you need to align your content with the stages in your sales cycle.

Category:  Technology Marketing  B2B Sales  Lead Generation  

Becoming an Expert on Your Buyers

The information overload in our digital world is staggering. As a marketer in the technology industry, you’ve got to ask yourself “Does anyone read this stuff I’m producing?” After all, technology is a competitive industry, and your competitors are hitting your buyers as hard as you are.

No wonder technology prospects are jaded, aren’t taking your sales teams’ phone calls, and just want to be left alone until they are ready to reach out to you. But how do you align your marketing with that desire?

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