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In this post, I interview my colleague, webinar expert Mike Agron of WebAttract, on getting the highest ROI out of your webinars with lead nurturing. Learn the finer points of nurturing leads that aren't quite sales ready.


Category:  Content Marketing  Content Strategy  Industry Leader Interviews  

Puzzling over why your content marketing isn't working well? Joe Chernov discusses common issues and how to fix them.

In a good video interview by CRMSoftware.TV, Eloqua's Joe Chernov discusses common reasons why your content marketing might not be meeting expectations. Watch it and you'll get some excellent tips and reminders about how to build an effective content marketing strategy.


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It will Transform Your Team into Your Company’s Most Valuable Asset

Adele Revella is the queen of buyer personas. I was fortunate, early in my career, to attend Adele’s “Effective Product Marketing” class. It’s where I first heard of buyer personas and their positive effect on your organization, your revenue, and your professional reputation.


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