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'Let Buyers Move at Their Own Pace' from Kim Gusta Marketing's blog

Let Buyers Move at Their Own Pace

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It’s true: buyers want your marketing information. What they don’t want is your sales pitch.

They don’t want cold calls, or your Sales team bothering them just because they downloaded a white paper. It’s a sure turnoff in the sales process and could easily lead them to drop your company from their research.


Don’t Scare the “Bejeezus” Out of Them 

Ardath Albee’s blog post “The Payoff for B2B Content Marketing is Movement”
sums this up well. As she says:


“Pestering a prospect to move faster makes them dig in their heels and stay stuck, or even reverses their intention to change (think delete, unsubscribe, and voicemail jail). 

Why? You’ve just scared the bejeezus out of them.

The goal of marketing should be to produce incremental movement.”

We rarely think of marketing’s goal being incremental movement based on the buyer’s preferences. Instead, we dangle promotions in front of our buyers, hoping they’ll respond.

Our Sales team has numbers to hit by the end of the quarter so we send out another email blast. Or leads have dropped off lately so we schedule a product overview webinar – all reactive marketing moves designed to “shock” our buyers into taking action.

Ask Yourself "Is This Really Working?"

What is our real goal with content marketing? Building relationships with our buyers by giving them content that satisfies their information needs throughout the sales cycle. To do that well means you need a long-term view that eliminates blatant sales messages and gives buyers helpful, high-value information.

Be OK with Telling Sales "No"

This may mean telling your Sales team “No” the next time they ask for a last minute email blast to bring in more leads. It means educating your peers on why content marketing has a valuable pay-off, and the importance of letting prospects move at their pace. It means setting expectations with your Executive Team so they understand how content marketing will achieve your revenue goals, but they have to let the system work.

Remember, incremental movement is the goal. Scaring the bejeezus out of your buyer is not.

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