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Great Content Marketing Questions and Answers

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 I recently did a webinar for Citrix GoToMeeting on the “5 Keys to Using Content for More Effective Lead Generation.” 

We had great response – 1700 registrants and 690 attendees.  Obviously, this is a topic you all want to know more about.  So I took some of the most popular questions I was asked and answered them here.  If you’d like to listen to the webinar, go here to access the recording.

My company serves lots of buyers in many industries.  How do I create content for all of them without going crazy?

Sometimes we think we need to be super heroes to reach all our buyers with appropriate marketing.  But the reality is it just can’t happen. 

And this discussion goes beyond content marketing- even if your primary marketing strategy was event marketing or some other tactic - you have to draw the line somewhere in the number of markets and buyers you can realistically serve. There are only so many hours in the day, and you can only reach a certain number of buyers well.  Notice I said “well.”  Poor marketing does more harm than no marketing.

So here’s my advice: honestly assess how many industries and buyers you can adequately market to and which markets and buyers are the best fit for your product or service. It may be only one buyer and one industry. Then only focus on them – establish a niche with this market if you can.

Every company believes they have a resource issue – especially when it comes to marketing. I’ve worked with global multi-national companies with thousands of marketers, and they also have resource constraints. Be realistic about what you can accomplish well and go after it. If that means other industries and buyers don’t get as much attention, then so be it.

I always include a “buy now” option as part of my content marketing in case the customer is ready to buy. Is this not an appropriate strategy?

This is a great question. I assume you’re using “Buy Now” as a call-to-action (CTA) in your content. My question would be – is it your only call-to-action?  If so, I recommend using your CTA more strategically; consider driving readers/viewers to another piece of useful content on your website rather than using “Buy Now” which is an action they’ll likely take on their own anyway if they’re interested in buying.

With my clients’ content, we’ve been putting contact information for Sales in an easy-to-find spot but not promoting it in an obvious way. Here’s a datasheet I wrote for a technology client that uses this philosophy.  On the second page is the CTA – we directed readers to download a white paper from my client’s website.  We put the company’s contact information in the footer directly below the CTA.  If someone wants to contact them, they can’t miss the email address and phone number.  But we used the CTA strategically so prospects could learn more about this company if they chose.

We have a lot of content, how do we separate rich content from dull content?

We don’t always hit home runs with our content.  The best way to know what content appeals to your buyers is to measure it. If a content piece is posted on your website, measure downloads.  Measure page views for blog posts.  Track views for videos. You get the idea – always know how you’ll measure something before you create it. 

For the “bland” pieces, consider pulling them and either re-tooling them or dumping them altogether. For the content that does really well, create more of it.  Over time, if you keep measuring how your content is performing, you’ll get a great idea of what your buyers really value.

Would you consider Investment Consulting a business that would benefit from content marketing?

Absolutely.  Every industry has problems it solves for potential buyers – otherwise they wouldn’t be buying from you. Buyers looking for an investment consulting firm have questions and concerns – does this investment consultant have high integrity?  How much do they know about investment consulting?  How have they helped others like me?  Can I afford it? 

If I were looking for an investment consultant, these are questions I would have. Put yourself in your buyer’s shoes, create a list of questions they regularly ask when they first contact you for information about your services, and then list corresponding content ideas that answer those questions. 

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