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5 Tech Companies with Great Blogs

5 Tech Companies with Great Blogs

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Some companies seem to "get" content marketing and execute on it better than others. I'm on a quest to recognize those that do a stellar job. Here are 5 companies Mashable thinks have great blogs, the starting point for most content marketing efforts.


These are all SaaS companies - some have a consumer audience; other focus on business to business. Check them out.  You might get some great ideas for your own blog.

 (From Sivan Cohen's post at Mashable)

1. KISSmetrics 

KISSmetrics has an online analytics platform for websites and e-commerce platforms.  Mashable likes their blog because they give "effective tips and tricks for navigating the online world."

Your takaway: What kind of helpful information can you give your readers? 


2. Instagram

Instagram's blog focuses on what they do best - focusing on their users' images. Instagram lets its users share their images via their product.  

Your takeaway: How can you get your users involved in your blog content? 


3. Eventbrite 

Evenbrite lets users setup their own online events.  Their blog spotlights the people who organize Eventbrite events. Each organizer explains their event and what they're trying to accomplish. 

Your takeaway: How can you highlight your customer on your blog and tell their story in such a way that it's interesting (and perhaps educational) to your readers?


4. Buffer

Buffer is a cool little tool that lets you schedule social media posts for the times when your audience is most likely to see them. Buffer's blog focuses on cool insights about social media like how our behaviors impact our social sharing. 

Your takeaway: Like #1, above, how can you share interesting information, data, or research with your audience?


5. Wix

Wix is a platform for creating HTML5/Flash websites. Their blog emphasizes fun, interesting article about web design, mobile development, and technologies. 

Your takeaway: How can you present your information in a way that's fun and unique? 



Are there are other tech companies' blogs that you think are head and shoulders above everyone else? If so, share them below. 






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