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'20 Great Technology Marketing Blogs for 2012' from Kim Gusta Marketing's blog

20 Great Technology Marketing Blogs for 2012

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I’m proud to say this blog is #18 on the list

One of the best things you can do for your technology marketing career is expose yourself regularly to cutting-edge ideas from other, like-minded professionals. The Web makes this an easy thing to do with all content out there today. The problem is finding good, relevant stuff.

Enter CTOs on the Move’s 20 Must-Follow Technology Marketing Blogs for 2012   I’m honored this blog was chosen as #18 as there are some blogs on the list I consider top notch. Check them out and decide if any should be added to your RSS reader.

In the spirit of lists, here are some of my favorite blogs for technology marketers:
1. Forrester’s Technology Marketing Blog
One of my perennial favorites is Forrester’s Technology Marketing blog- good research from analysts that know what they’re talking about. You’ll find original content and research here that’ll make you look smart in your next strategy discussion.

2. Forrester’s Sales Enablement Blog Here’s another good blog from the sharp minds at Forrester, but focused on sales enablement.  Since tech marketers are often called on to drive, or help with sales enablement, especially for product launches, this is a very relevant blog.  It also helps marketers “broaden their lens” when it comes to working with Sales teams.

3. Ardath Albee’s Marketing Interactions Blog Hands down, Ardath’s blog is one of the most useful out there if you’re a tech marketer selling high-end products with complex sales cycles.  She doesn’t just focus on tech, but I’ve never seen a blog post she’s written that isn’t relevant for tech marketing.  Very meaty, well-thought articles that are worth your time.

4. IDC’s Technology Marketing Blog
Yes, here’s my third pick that’s an analysts’ blog - I love original, useful research that’s applicable to marketing.  Another excellent blog with great market statistics hard to find elsewhere.

There are just four of the blogs I regularly follow.  Do you have others to recommend? 

And be sure to check out CTOs on the Move’s 20 Must Follow Technology Marketing Blogs for 2012 for even more great resources.

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