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Are You Wasting Your Trial Leads?

SaaS Marketers: Are You Wasting Your Trialware Leads?

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SaaS lead nurturing and helping hand

44% of Software as a Service (SaaS) companies offer a limited time trial, or demo version, of their software for prospects to try before they buy[1]. Surprisingly, most SaaS companies don’t seem to be following up with these warm leads in a personalized, engaging manner.


Totango, a customer engagement company, recently conducted an informal study where they signed up for 10 software companies’ trial offers and sat back to see how well each company followed up with them. (See the entire article: “Software Trials Abound, But Marketing Management is Lacking”)

Most SaaS Companies Do Very Little Personalized Follow-Up

The results were interesting: six of the companies were “oblivious” to the fact that Totango had downloaded their software.  Others did a bit better – they sent generic emails that were introductions to the application while others emailed promotions that had nothing to do with the trial software -  like conference promotions.

And here’s the biggest lost opportunity in my opinion: 7 out of the 10 companies didn’t send a personal email from a sales representative encouraging Totango to sign-up for the full version of their software after the demo period ended. Rather they sent automated messages.

Solution: Customizable, Pre-Written Email & Phone Nurture Sequence

So what can we learn from this?

Marketing can play a key role in making sure sales reps follow- up with demo leads in a personalized and engaging manner.

One of my SaaS clients does this with great success.  They asked me to write a sequence of brief customizable emails their Sales team can send to warm prospects like those who download a trial version.  These emails were interspersed between phone calls to the prospect from the sales reps.

They didn’t just focus on selling. Rather, they included helpful content so the prospect can learn more about their company and solutions.

Here’s one email in the sequence that was sent after sales reps contacted prospects by phone to let them know they would email a brief video on how to use the software (the company name and type of software have been changed):


Dear <insert name>,

As promised in my phone call, here’s the link to a 3 minute video on how to use Ace Software. I think you’ll find it useful as it covers step-by-step how to use our security software to protect your key business information from malware and viruses.

Watch video now

If you have any questions, please let me know.  I’m here to help you however I can.


<insert sales rep’s name and phone number>

P.S. – If you’d like to schedule a meeting to chat, please click here <insert link to schedule meeting>


The idea here isn't to be pesky, but rather to informally offer prospects helpful information.

By giving Sales a follow-up strategy with pre-written emails and instructions on when to to call the prospect and what to say, we helped ensure that each prospect is contacted in a personalized, engaging manner.  

The Lesson: Don’t Waste Your Trial Leads

The lesson here is don’t waste your trial leads. Work with your Sales team to design a systematic process for following up with these leads that’s easy for them to follow.  I recommend creating an email and phone sequence, like my client did, that offers additional helpful information to the prospect.

If you need help building a nurture process for your trial leads, just contact me.


How do you follow-up with your trial leads?  Do you think it's true that most SaaS companies don't use a personalized follow-up strategy for these leads?


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