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Best Content Marketing Resources for Technology Marketers [List.ly]

Best Content Marketing Resources for Technology Marketers [List.ly list]

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There's lots of information about content marketing out there, but it's a bit harder to find resources that directly apply to or are helpful to technology marketers. Since marketing technology is relatively unique, I've created a list called "Best Content Marketing Resources for Technology Marketers" on List.ly.

Please read it, share your opinions on the resources, and add your own favorites to the list so it continues to evolve into a useful resource.

Just click on the list image, above, and you'll be taken to the complete resources list (what you're seeing above is just a portion of it). You'll find articles from industry experts like Ardath Albee, Adele Revella, Pragmatic Marketing, Kristin Zhivago and more.  

The very coolest thing about this list is YOU can also add to it. List.ly lists are dynamic so you can add topics/articles/webinars/Slide Shares documents - anything that has a link or even resources that don't - to this list.  

Let's make this a great resource for all technology marketers - add your favorites to it and help it grow. Bookmark it, pass it along to your technology marketing colleagues, save it to your EverNote notebooks, etc..


What would you add to this list? Visit the list Best Content Marketing Resources for Technology Marketers to add your favorites and read what's already there. 

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