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How Lead Nurturing Helps You Close More Deals

How Lead Nurturing Helps You Close More Deals

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According to Market2Lead, the sales cycle is nearly 25% shorter for nurtured leads.

Lead nurturing is a great method for staying in front of prospects that aren’t yet ready to buy from you. Most of us are aware that some percentage of the names in our database might have a cursory interest in our services, but due to timing, just aren’t in the market yet for a solution. However, if you implement a lead nurturing campaign, you can stay top-of-mind with these prospects so when they ARE ready to buy, they’ll think of you first.

There are multiple ways to do lead nurturing.  My favorite is the low-touch method where helpful, high-value content is regularly sent out to your prospects. One way to easily implement this is using an auto-responder campaign where emails are sent to prospects for a specific time period, such as every two weeks for a period of 3 months. The call-to-action of each email drives the prospect to helpful content hosted on your website.  And each email’s content logically builds on the content sent in previous emails – telling a story, in essence, with high-value information. 

By “dripping” content out to these prospects, you help Sales close more deals by facilitating prospects’ positive perception in your company. A properly executed lead nurturing campaign can go a long way in helping prospects “know, like, and trust” your company.

What can a lead nurturing campaign do for closing more deals?

Builds a relationship with your prospect. As you send prospects helpful information, they form an opinion of your company – are you a resource they can trust? Or are you sending fluff they’ll delete?  The key is to understand their issues and challenges and build very well-executed content that addresses them.  But NO selling – you’ll undermine the relationship you’re attempting to build. 

Develop high-quality leads to turn over to Sales.  By using a good email or content marketing system with tracking capabilities, you’ll know how many prospects are consuming your content. It’s a good assumption that prospects who are more interested in your solution are higher quality leads with a greater level of interest than those who never read your emails.  Use this information to further segment your list into prospects who might qualify for a brief personalized email or call from Sales to determine if they have questions you can answer.

Shorter sales cycles.  Your Sales team’s time is valuable – they should only focus on pursuing leads with the highest likelihood of purchasing in the near future. For leads that don’t warrant immediate follow-up by Sales, an automated, low cost lead nurturing campaign continues to educate prospects about your company and solution. When the day arrives that these leads DO become a higher-value prospect, then Sales can work their magic on turning them into a sale.

More cost-effective. It costs less to market to your existing leads than spending time and money acquiring new ones.  After all, these people raised their hand at some point to indicate they had some level of interest in your solutions – why not nurture them?

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Ready to take the next step with lead nurturing?  If you want help staying in touch with contacts who are languishing in your database, check out my Lead Nurturing Package and my Copywriting Services.

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