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The Extraordinary Benefits of Interviewing 100 Customers

The Extraordinary Benefits of Interviewing 100 Customers [Case Study]

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The Extraordinary Benefits of Interviewing 100 Customers [Case Study]

If you’ve read my blog, you likely know I am a HUGE advocate of regularly interviewing customers or prospects.  Here is a real-life example of the outstanding benefits companies can reap if they regularly converse with their customers.


Kristin Zhivago, a revenue coach, has developed a step-by-step process for companies to use when interviewing customers. The goal of these interviews is to gain critical insights into customers' thoughts and reactions to your company's services and products.

This important information can then be used to improve processes, build better products, and fix marketing that has gone off track. (For more on Kristin's approach, check out her book "Roadmap to Revenue".)

In her blog, Revenue Journal, she recently featured the story of Frank Dale, CEO of Compendium, a growing technology company, who interviewed not 5, not 20, not 50…but 100 of his customers. 

What Did the CEO Learn from 100 Customer Interviews?

“You’re going to laugh,” Frank said to Kristin when she asked that question. “We would typically find that things that were last on our list of ‘things most important to customers’ were actually the things that were first on our customers’ lists.”

“We have also learned to collaborate with our customers. When someone becomes a customer, we assign them a ‘success person,’ who has a portfolio of clients they’re responsible for. They meet as often as weekly. They benchmark; talk strategies; they help with new techniques.

Our entire company is split up in teams that work on solving problems for our customers.”

Talk to Every New Customer

Frank’s goal is to talk to every new customer within two months after their purchase. What a great pool of knowledge he has accumulated, and continues to grow, by implementing this process.

Visit Kristin’s blog to read more details about Frank’s journey in interviewing his customers – you’ll learn why he embraced it and the benefits his company is reaping.

No Excuses Now...

This success story is a convincing portrait of why you, too, should take the time to regularly talk to customers. After all, if the CEO of a fast-growing technology company can make it a priority – then anyone can. 


Does anyone in your company regularly interview your customers? If yes, what important insights have you learned? If no, what's holding you back? 

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