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Technology Buyers’ Biggest Marketing Turn-Offs

Technology Buyers’ Biggest Marketing Turn-Offs

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Technology Buyers’ Biggest Marketing Turn Offs

Wouldn’t it be great to pull out a crystal ball and know exactly what your prospective technology buyers DON’T want in your marketing content? 

A recent study by UBM TechWeb asked technology decision makers the biggest mistakes vendors make when producing marketing information. (For results from the same study on what technology buyers DO want in your marketing, see my previous blog post.)

What Turns Prospects Off

The top three goofs technology vendors make with their marketing materials are:

  • 77% of technology decision makers said there’s too much marketing fluff
  • 44% say there aren’t enough real world examples in vendor marketing materials
  • 36% say marketing materials lack technical depth

How Detrimental is it to Make These Mistakes?

Making these mistakes can have big ramifications on whether a technology buyer ends up engaging your company in a buying cycle. When asked what factors would negatively affect their selection of a technology vendor:

  • 86% said vendor information that doesn’t meet their needs
  • 77% said an unclear value proposition
  • 70% said waiting a long time for a follow-up phone call
  • 79% said the quality of information you provide significantly affects whether they’ll do business with you

Creating Useful Content

Well, now that all the bad news is out of the way, let’s talk about what you can do.

First, it’s clear buyers want high-quality marketing information that helps them make buying decisions.

So put time into creating content that truly addresses their concerns and challenges. I’ve seen technology companies that spend more time selecting images for their datasheets than creating content that helps buyers make purchasing decisions.

Get rid of datasheets that are all fluff. Engage your product manager or star sales engineer, or any of your other internal product experts, and write content that’s meaty and useful about your product.

Spend at least part of your budget creating marketing that’s focused on your technology and how it works. Often the technology decision-maker needs that information to understand how your solution fits into their infrastructure and to make appropriate buying recommendations.

It’s also important to create corresponding information that’s business-focused for your economic buyer.  They’ll want the facts and figures about how an investment in your product will pay off in the long-run.


What ideas do you have for creating marketing that engages your buyer and doesn’t turn them off? Do you agree with the study’s results?

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