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Content Marketing Questions and Answers

Content Marketing Questions and Answers

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Content Marketing Questions and Answers

I had a great webinar last week on “5 Keys to Using Content for Effective Lead Generation” with outstanding audience questions and lots of participation.

If you missed the webinar, here’s the replay link. (Be sure and stay on to the end so you’ll get information on downloading my free bonus gifts for all webinar attendees.)

Since so many of you asked thought-provoking questions and we ran out of time to answer all of them, I’ve captured a few here.  Hopefully you’ll find yours, but if not, drop me an email and I’ll get back to you with an answer.

1. What’s the shelf-life of content?

This is an important question as you don’t want to be marketing out-dated content. It makes you look bad to your prospects and it certainly won’t further your content marketing goals.  I recently read a report that 41% of technology buyers will only consider content that’s less than 1 year old. (See my blog post for more on this topic.)  Makes sense since everything in the technology world changes so quickly.

The main take-away here is that you need to review your content regularly to be sure it’s still up-to-date and relevant. I suggest giving someone on your marketing team this task and make it a recurring event on their calendar so they don’t forget. It would be optimal to review all content at least twice per year.  Do it more frequently (such as quarterly) if you’re in a rapidly changing industry like technology.

2.  What’s the ROI of content marketing?

This is, of course, a tough question to answer as it depends. I’ve never seen a blanket ROI figure published for content marketing.  This is the type of question where you’ll likely need to collect data on your content marketing campaigns and regularly assess the ROI as well as you can. 

Here are the opinions of some experts who answered the question “How do you measure the success of content marketing?” As you can see, even their answers vary.

3. If you can’t create a professional level video, is it worth producing a video at all?

Depending on your audience’s expectations, I don’t believe you need to use professional level video in order to reap the benefits of using it in your content marketing strategy.  The important criteria is that your video addresses a topic your audience is interested in, it’s relatively short (2 minutes or less), and has decent lighting and sound so they can see and hear you.  

Now if you’re marketing to high-end B2B industries like technology, finance, health care and so on, you’ll need professional video. These buyers expect it.  Anything less and they may dismiss you as an amateur.

But if your buyers are small businesses or consumers, you can likely create videos yourself.

Want a great example? Sign-up for online visibility expert Denise Wakeman’s free 7 day minicourse on boosting your online visibility. Each day, you'll receive the link to a video she recorded at home that gives an online visibility tip.  These are excellent examples of “at-home” videos that work really well (plus you'll learn some valuable online visibility advice, too).

4.  How do you convince senior management to not promote promotional, non-educational content?

I feel for the person who asked this question as this is a tough situation to be in.  My advice is to do a lot of research yourself on the benefits of content marketing.  The Content Marketing Institute’s website is a good place to start. You’ll find case studies on companies who use content marketing successfully, research reports, and lots else. 

Armed with knowledge from your research, prepare a short management report that explains what you want to achieve by using educational, non-promotional content. Show examples of what other companies have achieved.

Then suggest doing a marketing pilot for three months using educational content. If your management is nervous about using only educational content, suggest you promote one promotional piece for every two pieces of educational content. Measure everything religiously (open rates, click throughs, downloads, etc.) and at the end of the time period compare how your educational content did versus non-educational and present your results.  Yes, I’m biased, but I’m hoping the educational content blows the promotional stuff out of the water.

And let us know how you do with it, too.

5. I work in the insurance industry. How do I create content that engages my buyer?

I get some variation of this question at every webinar so you’re not the only one concerned about this.  My belief is that every industry, no matter how seemingly mundane, has something interesting to say to their buyers.  Your buyers consider your services for a multitude of reasons. So ask yourself what content can you create that helps them with their challenges in buying insurance?  What questions does a prospective customer ask when they’re considering buying insurance from you?

If you need further proof that every industry really does have a story to tell via content, check out Marcus Sheridan’s swimming pool company’s website. Marcus has built a name for himself by creating unique content that really engages buyers looking to purchase a swimming pool.  Is there something from his example that you can apply to your company?

You can also consider hiring a content marketing expert to help. An outsider who’s well-versed in creating content should be able to spot lots of interesting content angles.


Have other questions that weren’t answered here? Enter it in the comments below, and I’ll answer it as soon as possible.

Here’s the webinar replay link: http://learn.gotowebinar.com/080912-NA-G2W-WBRARC-S?ID=70150000000YM8L  And don’t forget to stay on the replay until my last slide so you’ll get the download information for your free content gifts.


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