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'Why YOU Should Be Your Company’s Buyer Expert' from Kim Gusta Marketing's blog

Why YOU Should Be Your Company’s Buyer Expert

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And Why MSU’ing is the Pits

Now, yes, I did attend Michigan State University, but MSU’ing is not about college. It’s about Making Stuff Up (that term is courtesy of Pragmatic Marketing) and it’s a rotten thing to experience if you’re in technology marketing.

If you’ve been a marketer for any length of time, you know that MSU’ing is not fun. It can cause the average marketing manager to sweat bullets.

Making Stuff Up and Writer's Block

Let’s say you’re creating content (and not just any content, but high-value content). You’re ready to start writing and then…your hand freezes. What do you say? The words aren’t coming. You realize you don’t know what to write to your audience. You don’t understand them well enough to produce something compelling - something that speaks to their challenges and interests. But you’re under deadline so you write anyway with the unsettled knowledge that this is just words on a page, but it’s generic prose that won’t grab anyone.

I’ve been there once or twice (or maybe more) and it, quite frankly, stinks.

How Buyer Research Helps

This is one of the biggest arguments in favor of in-depth buyer research, in my opinion. And any boss, at any level, should understand why pretty quickly. No matter how busy you are, you need to make time for buyer research. It’s absolutely critical to your success as a technology marketing professional. Really.

Yes, I know you’re busy. And maybe your boss doesn’t think this is a priority or doesn’t really get it. That’s too bad, because you can’t get off the hook that easily. If YOU understand how important buyer research is, then you need to make time to do it. Often and regularly, because once you think you know your buyers, things can change.

Why should you make time for buyer research?

  • It will make you the superhero of your marketing department
  • You’ll win more arguments with product management
  • Your boss (and his/her boss) will ask your opinion before important decisions are made
  • There aren’t many things you can do that better improve your career prospects
  • And you’ll never again stare at a blank Word document and wonder what to write that will engage your buyer

So do yourself a favor and call one of your buyers today. And another tomorrow. You’ll never need to MSU again.

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