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'Does Anyone Really Read Your Marketing Brochures?' from Kim Gusta Marketing's blog

Does Anyone Really Read Your Marketing Brochures?

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Becoming an Expert on Your Buyers

The information overload in our digital world is staggering. As a marketer in the technology industry, you’ve got to ask yourself “Does anyone read this stuff I’m producing?” After all, technology is a competitive industry, and your competitors are hitting your buyers as hard as you are.

No wonder technology prospects are jaded, aren’t taking your sales teams’ phone calls, and just want to be left alone until they are ready to reach out to you. But how do you align your marketing with that desire?

Technology products are complex, often expensive, and have career promotion (or de-promotion) potential, so our buyers do a lot of research on possible solutions. It’s important to understand they’ll do as much research as they can BEFORE they reach out to your sales team. And if you don’t give them the content they need, they’ll find it elsewhere – maybe from your competitors.

So being proactive and assessing their information needs at each step of the buying cycle is crucial.

How do you do this? By deeply understanding your buyers, their questions, and concerns. This involves in-depth buyer research and it’s an ongoing process. Buyer interviews, whether by phone or in-person, are very helpful. Online research, like joining LinkedIn forums where your buyers gather, is another great way to gain insight into their concerns and interests.

Strike up conversations with potential buyers at trade shows, seminars, or other in-person events to learn more about their thoughts on particular topics. The key here is to talk with them like a peer – don’t attempt to have a thinly disguised sales conversation. Your objective is to learn how they think, their key concerns, and interests. And you’ll likely need to do this multiple times until you start feel like you really have a handle on what makes them tick. And then you’re prepared to create content that really delivers value.

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