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Why Content Marketing is Like a Vitamix®

Why Content Marketing is Like a Vitamix®

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Why Content Marketing is Like a Vitamix®

Vitamixes are those super-duper high speed blenders that liquefy just about anything you put in them – like entire oranges, apples, spinach, and even other solid objects that aren’t edible.  And, amazingly, there’s a content marketing lesson to be learned when it comes to using the Vitamix for making smoothies.

When our Vitamix first arrived, we shoved aside the recipe book that came with it and started making smoothies just like the demonstration guy at Costco. We threw in whole fruit that wasn’t peeled or seeded, greens, juice – anything that sounded good. The result?  Some of the worst smoothies ever.  And the Vitamix, the super-duper-blend-anything machine, just sat there and roared while it vainly tried to blend up our mess.

When we checked the recipe book (and watched the video), we realized there’s a specific order to adding ingredients.  First the liquids go in and then the solids.  We just assumed the heavy duty Vitamix would easily liquefy it all. But turns out there’s a logical sequence to creating smoothies.

How is this like content marketing?  There’s also a logical sequence to excellent content.

Consider this: if you’re sending an automated, educational email campaign to your prospects, you’ll want to plan out the information so it logically flows from one email to the next.  You could start with higher level information in your first email and then get more specific (think of a narrowing funnel) as the sequence progresses. 

I liken this to a teacher’s lesson plan. Good teachers start with the basic information their students need to learn and then build on it in succeeding lessons. Poor teachers throw out information that’s completely out of order and unorganized. There’s no logical flow.

Poor content marketing sequences are like the Vitamix chugging away at a mess of ingredients that sound good but won’t blend.  Your prospects have to do the hard work of figuring it out. Good content sequences are like well-blended smoothies. They’re tasty, memorable, and logically built upon a high-value content sequence.

Always base your multi-touch campaigns around a logical content order. You’ll get a greater return on each piece of content, and you’ll avoid disjointed, confusing marketing.  And your smoothies will be that much sweeter.

*Vitamix image courtesy of vitamix.com

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